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Student Accommodation in Durban

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Student accommodation in durban host by Richard Daguiar

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Once a Week Bible Study & Success Training

Bible Study at our student accommodation in Durban
Student Accommodation In Durban Bonus Training with Durban lifecoach Richard Daguiar 201909121133

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Weekly Success Training with Durban's Lifecoach

A RichardDaguiar lifecoaches once a week for free, at his Student Accommodation in durban commmunes in durban. Richard is lifecoach and business coach in durban 20180410
Student Accommodation In Durban Bonus Training with Durban lifecoach Richard Daguiar 201909121133

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We Provide the best student accommodation in durban for the following colleges, institutes, campuses, university, higher learning, accelerated learnining, distance learning and matric upgrades. 

Medical school ukzn, Nelson Mandela Medical school, Ukzn, Howard College, Thekwini Fet College Congella, Dt Nursing Institute Durban, Coastal College durban, Coastal kzn college, COASTAL KZN TVET, inkways durban, are walking distance to our student accommodation in durban.

The Following colleges and campuses in Durban are on the main bus and Taxi transport route to our student accommodation in durban…. Istudent Academy,  Anchorlite College, Damelin Berea, Elite College Pty Ltd Durban, Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, richfield college, Durban University Of Technology berea durban, Thekwini Fet College, THEKwini College, UNISA north beach durban, Boston City Campus & Business College, mancosa durban, ICESA City Campus, embury teachers training college, ICESA durban, Oval International, Creative Art College Durban, Oval International Computer Education durban,  Rosebank College, Berea Technical College, Thekweni College for Further Education & Training, University of KwaZulu-Natal, ukzn, howard college, howard campus, Durban University Of Technology Ritson Campus, dut durban, myoval durban, Maritime & Skills College durban, maritime college ,SA Maritime & Transport College, samtra durban, regent, regent durban, regent business school, eden schools high, dcc campus durban computer college.

Student Accommodation APP Built over a 6 year period By Richard, a Durban LifeCoach !

Student Accommodation in Durban Review

We provide very unique & beneficial training at our ukzn student accommodation in Durban. The training is unique in the sense it encompasses what happens in life holistically. This is why it is so beneficial to every student.

If you only cater to one part of a student’s life & neglect the rest. Then it is highly likely based on extensive experience with hundreds of students that something is going to go wrong really soon.

So to avoid this we have weekly life coach training sessions that cover a wide variety of important need to know subjects at our ukzn student accommodation in Durban. These are not taught academically at higher education institutions. These subjects in our mentorship program are made easy to understand. They are interesting & fun for students with use of video’s related to them.

We train students spiritually weekly as well because your spiritual life determines what happens & the outcomes in the rest of your life. We are Christ centered so students learn what this means & how to apply it in their own lives. Students are also helped to grow spiritually with practical questions they have to answer & group discussion sessions.

This leads onto teamwork at our ukzn student accommodation in Durban. Living in a student commune becomes a fun filled place when students understand the joys, dynamics & challenges of teamwork. These teams form part of what we offer in very vital life skills training. The reality of where every one of our students is made to take responsibility for the smooth running of their commune.

Students are encouraged to make use of the gym equipment provided to them at the properties. Those who do so regularly are allocated points as we do often stress the importance of good health because we care.

Another exciting point of our ukzn student accommodation in Durban is our appointing of student leaders. These are students who have resided with us for a year or more & fully understand our values & culture. They are happy to assist with new students & actively help on the property. They most definitely are not just delegators.

Finally we have a number of free social student events. Not only are these events lots of fun socially for the students as they get to meet & interact with students from our other communes. Students are also given opportunities to display their talents. We have fun dance & singing, as well as those students who do speeches & our preachers.


So in conclusion we offer students way more than just accommodation. We offer a really special student centered lifestyle. This is far more conducive for study purposes as the lifestyle functions holistically. Yes, we care for our students at our ukzn student accommodation in Durban

Godsolve student accommodation in durban vs other student accommodation in durban

All Our Students Are trained to being equiped and empowered for their future. All our students are checked up on at least once a week due to the compulsory weekly meetings All our students are truly cared for. All our students have access to us as on site mentors! Our students have free access to our R50,000 Training and free access to the Worlds first Auto coach, problem and emotion solver android app…angelsolve.com

Our Student Accommodation in Durban Program